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  • How It Started

We have been in contact with the village of Fodécariah since 2005 (population at that time 12800) . Our contact goes back to a visit to Fodécariah by our chair, Martine Clémot, and her deputy chair Mamoudou Keita, who was born in Fodécariah and has lived in Germany since 1998. Martine Clémot got to know the then school principal and the staff of the only primary school, which, at that time, served 519 students from grade 1 to grade 6. The school now has 820 students. After visiting the school, she met the staff and representatives of the parents’ association to learn about the situation in the school and the needs of the village community. It became clear that there was a lack of school places, opportunities for further training, and job opportunities. The nearest secondary school is 60km away, but impossible to reach because the country has no private or public transport services. Consequently, teachers and parents urgently requested that a secondary school be built. At the start of 2007, Martine Clémot founded a non-profit association for the project with 7 members. Martine’s colleagues, acquaintances, and friends reacted very positively to the project.

  • The philosophy of our association

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