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Nach Äthiopien, Südafrika und Marokko war das meine vierte Reise nach Afrika. Ich war gespannt zu erfahren auf welche Weise sich Guinea von diesen Ländern, aber auch all den Ländern, die ich in Mittel- und Südamerika und Asien kenne, unterscheidet. Hier der vollständige Bericht"(in German)

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Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir es ermöglichen können, ab Oktober 2017 weitere 14 Mädchen für 10 Jahre eine schulische Ausbildung zu finanzieren.  Hier alles zur Mädchenförderung...

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Wir freuen uns sehr, dass unser Mitglied Daniel Preissler ein Jahr an unserer Schule in Fodecariah unterrichten wird. Daniel ist Lehrer für Französisch und Geschichte, und hat eine Zulassung als Lehrer sowohl für Deutschland als auch für Frankreich. Lest auch ein Portrait über Daniel und seine Arbeit vor Ort.

As every year, the members from Germany, Switzerland, and the Alsace met to discuss current topics. This year the agenda was very full, which lead to a marathon meeting. There was a lot of new information from the delegation that traveled to Fodécariah, as well as the presentation of the Organisation’s new Web site, the calendar campaign, the sponsorship of young girls, etc.

Great news for the Organisation: The students in form 5 of my school spent a week organising fund-raising activities for Fodécariah and would like to donate the 400 € that they managed to collect.
As part of the week-long project, the students compared the life of children in Germany with the life of children in Fodécariah and produced the following diagram (click the picture to enlarge).
We are delighted to announce that 4 new teachers will enable us to expand greatly the scope of our teaching curriculum. From left to right in the picture:1. Mr. Kaba Mansaré will teach French to students in grades 7 and 8. 2. Mr. Mamadouba Koffiou Camara will teach mathematics to students in grades 7 and 9. 3. Mr. Mamadou Lamarana Barry will teach chemistry to all students. 4. Mr. Faya David Tonguino will teach English to all students.
During our official trip in January 2017, the newly built school and cafeteria were officially opened by the Head of Education in Guinea, Mr Keita (wearing the golden watch), who was also accompanied by the head of secondary education for the Kankan region, Saramoudou Kourouma (in the white jacket).

Report (in French) on the opening ceremony shown on Guinean national television (from minute 25)

During our general assembly, it was agreed that we would finance the purchase of a flight to Guinea for a photographer, who would use the trip to provide us with new images that we can use on our website, in our brochures, and for the calendar campaign. We were very lucky to meet Daniel, a probation officer and amateur photographer, who accompanied us during our trip. Daniel was always on the lookout for great new images and presented us with hundreds of pictures. This was his first trip to the African continent.

Martina, 41 years old, manager of eight kindergarten in the Rhein-Neckar area, and mother of two children, had been planning to take some time off and wanted to spend it with her 13-year-old son, Thilo. She was looking for something unusual and away from the comfort of every-day life: something of an adventure that would help them to better visualize the size and scope of the world. She heard about our planned trip from her partners and bravely decided to join our delegation. It was the first time that Martina had set foot on the African continent, an experience she describes in a refreshing and humorous blog: Delegation 2017.

Conclusion of the BMZ and SEZ projects with the completion of the cafeteria, and the building of the school with six classrooms, three buildings housing toilet facilities, and the purchase of text books for the secondary school. A delegation in 2017 will verify everything and collect all invoices and receipts, in order to finalize the accounts.
Thanks to Bettina’s donation campaign we were able to purchase 150 impregnated mosquito nets (at 3,50.– € eachand send them to Fodécariah, where our 38 sponsored girls will each receive one net free of charge. 20 nets are to be reserved for the next batch of girls, whom we plan to support. Project leader, Mamadi Kaba, and Candia Doumbouya, who look after our girls, should also receive nets for their own use and the use of their families. The rest of the nets should be distributed (at a cost of 1 € per net) to women who are pregnant or have young children.
Like every year since 2012, we inform Mamadi Kaba at the end of September how much donation money has been collected and, as a result, how many young girls we can guarantee a ten-year-long education. This year, we can add 10 more girls to the support program. Since we had approximately 100 applicants, we used a lottery system to choose the 10 new girls. The lottery was carried out at the beginning of October in Fodécariah during a specially arranged meeting.
Our cafeteria will be subsidized by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), which will provide us with a regular supply of food and pay for a week-long course for seven cooks.
It is with great pleasure that we can announce that 37 boys and girls passed their secondary-school exams, despite the fact that the school buildings were not all finished and some text books were not available.
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