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Martine Clémot
Chairwoman of the Organisation. Martine Clémot is French but has lived in Germany since 1981 with her husband Mamoudou Keita. Martine is a qualified psychologist who has been working as a user-interface designer at SAP AG in Walldorf since 2000. "I would like this project to help us give a meaningful form to the idea of globalization!" Tel.: +49 (0)7244 925 58 / E-Mail:
Mamoudou Keita
The Organisation’s co-chairperson Mamoudou Keita works as a warehouse worker at Robert Bosch GmbH in Karlsruhe-Hagsfeld. French with Guinean roots, Mamadou has lived in Germany with his wife, Martin Clémot, since 1998. "I would like to see this project enable a better future for all the children in my home village."
André Barletta
André Barletta is married with two children and works as a teacher at the Franco-German primary school in Freiburg. „ The first time I met Martine Clémot and her husband Mamoudou I was excited about their idea to build a school in Fodécariah. I support their organisation so that the children of Fodécariah have access to good education and the prospect of a better future.“
Claudia Blacha
Claudia Blacha is a coach and teacher of expressive arts. "The aim of my involvement in the organisation’s goals to support the children and youth of Fodécariah is to provide the children with the opportunity to fulfil their dreams. Higher education can help them shape their own future and creates the basic conditions for the realisation of their career choices. A good education will enable them to make a sustainable, long-term contribution to the development not only of their village but also the wider region."
Susanne Bors
Susanne Bors is a teacher in a special-needs school. "I am a teacher and do not have any children of my own. Nonetheless, it is important to me to be able to take responsibility for the wellbeing of my fellow human beings, and especially children, who were not fortunate enough to have been born in a European country. Education is a basic human right, which I would like to help to ensure by being a member of this organisation."
Sigrid B.
Claudia D.
Abdoulaye Doumbouya
Abdoulaye Doumbouya is married and works for a German solar-energy company that distributes equipment throughout West Africa. "We live in Düsseldorf with our two daughters. Fodécariah is the village where I spent all my school holidays helping farmers with their work in the fields. I am happy to be able to make a contribution to the village and help ensure that the secondary school is built. This is why I joined the organisation during its shareholders’ meeting in 2012."
Christian D. D.
Anne-Elisabeth Eisenhauer
Jens E.
Jochen Etienne
Jochen Etienne is a photographer and author. "During my travels in the so-called "Third World" I saw poverty and lack of education at first hand – but I also saw how a basic education can help people to break the cycle of poverty and dependence. A new school in Fodécariah provides a solution that can help many young people escape this cycle.
Alexander F.
Brigitte G.
Katharina Göring
The qualified designer Katharina Göring leads the design section of a software company. "A good education is the key to an autonomous life free from poverty, and this is why I am happy to support this project to nurture and support in a sustainable manner."
Boris G.
Beate G.
Michael Harenberg
Michael Harenberg studied musical science in Gießen and musical composition in Darmstadt. He graduated as a media scientist from the University of Basel and spends his time working on the theoretical and practical use of sound culture. Harenberg is a teacher of musical composition and, together with Daniel Leiter, leads the course "Sound Arts – Music and Media Art" at the College of Arts in Bern (
Sabine H.
Almut H.
Thea Hillenbrand
After thirty years working in the software industry, Thea is now retired and enjoying spending time with her husband. "When we are not traveling, I use reading, handy work, and adult-literacy courses as an excuse to avoid working in the garden. I support this project because Martine is a person who is infectious, full of energy, and bubbling with ideas – but more than anything because the project goals will be implemented together with colleagues in Fodécariah and the money is actually used for the purposes for which they were donated."
Beata I.
Hedwig von Knorre
"As midwife and mother, I know that an education is just as important as medical care. Studies show that the closer the personal connection to a project and its workers, the better the participation, support, and donations are made use of. I have known Martine Clémot for many years and would like to support her in this important project."
Friederike K.
Martina K.
Christine L.
Silke Lorey
Silke Lorey lives in Giessen and works as an accountant in a medium-sized company.
Wolfgang Moll
Wolfgang Moll works as a qualified psychologist in Giessen. "I support this project because promoting education is one of the most important tasks in Guinea, where the lack of schools, qualified teachers, and school equipment means that only a third of all children have access to an education."
Andre M.
Dr. Bettina R.
Dr. Karin R.
Sebastian R.
Martina Thum
Martina Thum is the manager of a free kindergarten and also works as an organisational consultant in Walldorf. In January 2017, Martina accompanied Martine to Fodécariah and remains intrigued both by the people she met there and the impact of the organisation’s work, which is visible everywhere.
Marc W.
Heinz Willumeit
Heinz Willumeit is the Webmaster for this Internet site but also works at SAP as a qualified psychologist in the area of user-interface design. "I became involved in this project because schools and professional education are the key to overcoming poverty and under-development. Martine Clémot’s project is fascinating evidence of what can be achieved with courage and initiative."
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